"Swing Into Action" Bundle Pack

For athletes who prefer to train with small equipment, we have prepared this special bundle with full body workouts designed to be performed with minimum equipment and maximum effectiveness.

Here's what you get
in the "Swing Into Action" Bundle Pack:


The kettlebell is a very versatile element, it allows us to perform a wide range of movements and exercise various muscle groups, gain strength and speed in lifting.These training programs are focused on the wide variety of kettlebell rep schemes, movements, and time domains such as AMRAP, EMOM, for time...We have collected the most effective workouts for all people who love to train with kettlebell.

Dumbbells are without any doubt another of the most versatile training items. Plus, many of us have a pair of them at home.

To celebrate its diversity we threw together 100+ of our favorite dumbbell workouts. This series of workouts challenges the athlete's unilateral strength and mobility. In both books you will find a wide variety of workouts that you can perform either in your Box or in a gym.


If you decide now, we'll give you 100+ WARM-UP ROUTINES so you can prepare your body before each workout. A good warm-up is necessary to perform a good strength training and prevent injuries.