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Breathing Fire Vol.2

This edition of “Breathing Fire” is a 3 month program that focuses not only on improving speed and endurance, but it is also designed to improve the athlete’s ability to pace and recover.

When it is noted to move “SLOW” on a movement it means do just that…SLOW it down to a very smooth active recovery pace, i.e. 1 air squat every 2-3 seconds.

Program will include 4 days most weeks (M/T/Th/F); athlete can move Th/F to F/Sa, or the F to Sa if it fits their schedules better.

Athlete may need to cut back on CrossFit style metcons on the higher volume weeks; also, be sure to keep nutrition in check for these 12 weeks (be careful not to under eat!)

If you loved the first volume then you'll definitely want to take it to the next level with Breathing Fire Vol.2!