30+ Minutes of Step-By-Step Workouts by Examples in Full HD Video
From the full version of 100+ AMRAP WORKOUTS VOLUMES 1

Functional fitness training uses weight-bearing and strength training exercises to help your body develop and enable you to perform the activities of daily life with greater ease and without injuries. At its most basic level, it can be said to entail all the things needed to enjoy a better quality life through physical fitness:

Pulling - Pushing - Bending - Twisting - Loading - Squatting - Lifting - Hauling

The Plus1 Functional Fitness Workout Series provides all you need to get started or improve your current workout sets as you reach your pinnacle of physical fitness.
- 30+ MIN of WODs (*workouts of the day) taken from the full version of 100+ AMRAP WORKOUTS VOLUMES 1
- Step-By-Step Workouts by Example

- 1080p Full Motion Video / **Slow Motion Takes / **Multiple Camera Angles
- All exercises performed by a Certified CrossFitⓇ Trainer

Functional fitness is how champions are made, one workout at a time. Whether you're new to fitness training, or you're competing at the highest levels of athletic competition, The Plus1 Functional Fitness Workout Series helps you get up, get moving and to the front of the fitness world (and your opposition to the back).

At the highest levels of competition, it can be said that functional fitness training is that extra conditioning an athlete takes on that puts them ahead of the competition and into the winner's circle.

Get it for yourself, or gift it for someone you want to bring into CrossFit or Functional Fitness Training!

* Various exercises are included applicable to: Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate. Competitive, Very Competitive
**Not all videos have slow motion takes and multiple camera angles