The "Barbell Mastery" Bundle Pack

This bundle pack includes 4 ebooks in 1? How crazy! Take a look at this encyclopedia of workouts designed for everyone who wants to get some iron pump.

Each program in this set of eBooks is different and focuses on specific goals.

Here's what you get
in the "Barbell Mastery" Bundle Pack:


AMRAP Plus One "Olympic" is a 12 week (3 days a week) intermediate to experienced program focused on improving your olympic lifting. All training days offer a very comprehensive approach so you can improve your Olympic lifting technique and apply it to different types of training.


AMRAP Plus One "Strength" is another program to develop speed and strength needed to perform movements such as snatch and clean.This 12-week program will give you the confidence to perform more complex barbell movements. In addition, to challenge you and help you work on your weaknesses, we've included squat and  plyometric movements exercises. 

 But that's not all, when you master the technique, gain strength and speed in your'll have to put it into practice.


For this purpose we have created 100+ Barbell Workouts Vol. 1 and 2, a program made for athletes that enjoys both strength and conditioning challenges. In this training program you will find different movements, but in its totality it is made to challenge the athlete's form, strength, and endurance on the barbell.


Don't wait any longer. If barbell movements are your thing, you need these training programs to improve your capabilities while enjoying a complete workout routine.

If you decide now, we'll give you 100+ WARM-UP ROUTINES so you can prepare your body before each workout. A good warm-up is necessary to perform a good strength training and prevent injuries.