"Team Gainz" Bundle Pack

For those who prefer to train with company either to change their routine or to challenge themselves and feel the spirit of competition, we have created this bundle of training for partners and teams. 

So grab your phone and call your training buddies because we have something special for you.

Here's what you get
in the "Barbell King" Bundle Pack:


This workout set was built with the spirit of competition in mind, all by being able to bond with the people you care about most. Train with your family, with your partner...make training time something you can enjoy and share.


100+ of some of the most original Saturday Team Workouts ever compiled! This series is all about teamwork, fun, and suffering together! These 3 or 4 person workouts feature a wide variety of functional fitness movements, rep schemes, and time domains to keep it spicy and fresh! Grab your teammates and let's get this party started! Saturdays will never be the same!


If you decide now, we'll give you 100+ WARM-UP ROUTINES so you can prepare your body before each workout. A good warm-up is necessary to perform a good strength training and prevent injuries.