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April 05, 2018 1 Comment

David Hippensteel might not be the first name you think of when you mention "Fittest Man on Earth" but maybe we should all start taking notice. Dave won the 2018 "CrossFit Games Open" in the 60+ division and there's still no signs of slowing down for this man. Unlike most of the top athletes in the sport of CrossFit, who dedicate all of their time to training, Dave also runs 2 dental practices which he works 5 days a week in maintaining. Fortunately for us we were able to get him to slow down just long enough to get a quick word with the 2016 and 2017 "Fittest Man on Earth 60+" (Dave is currently looking to make it a 3-peat as he won the 2018 Open). 

What was your first experience with CrossFit? 

"CrossFit was introduced to me through my daughter, Heather, who, with Team Invictus took the affiliate cup in 2014. She thought I would like the variety of sports in a competitive setting and I took to it immediately. I’ve always been good at gymnastics but never had an opportunity to use those skills and I’ve always been strong but never had an opportunity to combine all the things that CrossFit lets you do so it was almost a match made in heaven for me!

I did decathlon in college, played football in high school, raced motocross when I turned 40 (I had a 90 foot jump in my backyard) and did triathlons off and on for about 20 years before I discovered CrossFit. I also love skiing, snowboarding, surfing and rockclimbing.
I have 2 dental practices and have been a dentist for 30 years.  I work  five days a week right now and have for the last three years. Somehow I still manage to get the training I need to stay competitive!"




So much bigger than winning the Open!! Just one of many Crossfit masters helping the world to see that fitness is possible at any age! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who keeps believing with me!! When I won the open in 2013 I was shocked but if you would’ve told me then that I could still be winning, even competing , five years later I would have thought... only in my dreams! But here I am, in my seventh year of open competitions still in the best shape of my life, because of CrossFit, and coming away with my one of my best performances ever!! It just proves to me how important it is to really keep dreaming, believing, keep fighting your doubts, fail, but get up and try again! Perseverance, dedication, focus, gratitude! Thanks everyone! family, friends and sponsors that continue to believe that I can keep this quest going and keep helping the world to see fitness is possible at any age! #thankfultogod #lovelife #neverquit #dream #neverstopbelieving #crossfit #crossfitgames @comptrainmasters @dandelomba @comptrain.co @revive_rx @crossfitgames @rocktape @roguefitness @whoop @insidetracker @paleoworks @faithrxd @reflectionsortho

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Is there anyone out there specifically that inspires you and what motivates you to do what you do?   

"I’m definitely inspired by CrossFit in general and all of the athletes that I see competing at the games, especially as I have gotten the chance to meet so many of them at the Games over the years. Rich Froning came to the grand opening of the gym I was training at in 2012 and that made a huge impression on me because he was such a great guy and made it a point to give me an open invitation to his gym anytime I could visit. There are so many others that I look up to including Dan Bailey, Jason Khalipa,  Lindsay Valenzuela, Rebecca Voight, Annie Thorisdottir, Cheryl Brost, Annie Sakamoto, Shawn Ramirez, Ron Ortiz, Will Powell, Tommy  Marquez, Pat Sherwood, Dave Castro, Greg Glassman of course, Ben Bergeron,  CJ Martin and Lauren and Garret Fisher! I could go on and on!

Outside of CrossFit I think sports has always been a passion and I think I owe it to my  dad who started me on that path even though I actually was not interested at first. He got my brother, sisters, and me into sports at early ages and after initially resisting I soon realized it was the way to go and never looked back. So I am very thankful for my dad’s inspiration and motivation.
I’m also very inspired by so many of the Masters athletes. I feel like we are brothers in fitness fighting the bigger war against chronic disease and leading the way for others to follow !!!"



What does a Typical Day/Week look like during the Open?

"The Open is one of my favorite times of year because the first year I did it and won was in 2013 and didn’t know a whole lot back then. I rested two days and did each event twice so I only trained for three or four days a week for the entire Open. Since that routine was so successful I continue to do that to this day. 
I just love getting to the gym just prior to 7:00 on Thursdays during the Open, listening to Castro’s announcement, strategizing  and warming up for five or ten minutes and then doing the workout almost immediately!!  
I then rest for two more days and repeat it again on Sunday. To me this works the best because I get the pressure off that Thursday night and do not have to think about it all night and I always feel great after it’s over.   This plan has worked well over the years so I keep doing it."



What is one thing (CrossFit related or not) that you are obsessed with at the moment?

"CrossFit is pretty much my only obsession at the moment and of course right now all I think about is the online qualifier, so pretty much everything I do, training, recovery, nutrition, all revolves around preparing for the qualifier. If I wasn't doing CrossFit I'd probably be obsessed with guitar and vocals ....I still love rock and roll." 



What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
"I love the rings because I love muscle ups and I never remember a time when I couldn’t do them. I think even the first day I walked into the gym at age 56 or 57 I could still do a strict muscle up without doing one since high school. It’s just always been that way. I think my kids caught it as well. They’ve all gotten their muscle ups!"



On a lighter note, no pun intended what is your favorite music to listen to while you train?

"Without a doubt I am a diehard classic rock fan but I am pretty picky about which classic rock. Some of my favorites are AC/DC, Def Leppard, Damn Yankees,  Boston and Styx."



Simply put - David Hippensteel is not just the "Fittest Man on Earth" but could easily just be referred to as "The Man". As mentioned before Dave placed first in the "CrossFit Games Open" and now prepares himself for the online qualifier. We will all be watching this year as the events unfold and personally I hope he gets his 3-peat at this years CrossFit Games. Big thanks to Dave for taking the time out to making this article happen! "Rock On Dave! " See you at the Games! 

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Finis E Kelso
Finis E Kelso

April 08, 2018

David, your experience with CrossFit and your continuing story inspires me to keep seeking improvement and to reach out and be an example not only to my family but to those seeking a more fulfilled life through fitness. I am 63 (my bday falls during the Open each year =). and though aging has presented challenges in my body, I see what you have achieved and I use this as fuel to keep improving. You can look me up on the leaderboard for my placements but I had a great open and I’m already preparing and training for 2019. Best of luck at the Games. Thank you for your inspiration and faith!! Repectfully, Finis

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