9 MUST HAVE Pieces of Equipment for your Garage Performance Center

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Whether you grind it out day to day working 9 to 5 or you bust your butt working from home we all face the challenges of time management. We know time is a valuable resource, so it makes sense to be able to train from home out of your garage on your own schedule. If this is something you have been thinking about or currently building I have made a list of what I think are the 9 most important pieces of equipment you should have in your garage training arsenal. Feel free to let us know if we missed anything!

  1. Jump Rope – Now this is a MUST have. Everyone should have their own personal rope and if you’re going to have some friends over to your garage for a spicy session you might want to have a few more lying around. There are literally so many different types of jump ropes out there so pick one try It out and see how you like it.
  1. Kettle Bell – If you can only choose one type of weight to have in your garage then this would be the one! Very versatile as far as movements you can perform with the kettle bell. KB squats to KB swings and everything else in between, you can get jacked just off of this piece of equipment alone! 26lb, 35lb, 44lb, 53lb,62lb, 70lb – Any one of these will do, kudos if you can get them in multiple sizes. Pick according to your fitness level.
  1. Dumbbells- Are they dumb bells or dumbbells? I’m just going to say DB’s to hide my ignorance! You can find some solid DB’s on craigslist or offer up or your local sporting goods store. Try to get as many varieties of weights as you can as these are also a very versatile instrument.
  1. Ab Mat – Not going to spend a lot of time on this but trust me this will save your ass in more ways than one when it’s time to get that ab session in. Also, a double threat when it comes to improving your mobility as you can utilize it for this as well. A good abmat is going to run you $15-$30 so make sure it’s one you like. You won’t regret it.
  1. Barbell – Now you’re ready to throw some weights around! If you’re on a budget check your local play it again sports or used sports store to find a good barbell. Nothing fancy here. 45lb for men and 35lb for women. I’m keeping this separate from bumper plates because without a solid barbell the rest is negligible. And I know a lot of you out there that if you just bought the barbell first the bumpers would follow! Look to pay $100 and up for used barbells. but if you’re lucky and a hustler maybe you can find them cheaper!
  1. Bumper Plates – For beginners this is what I highly suggest – 1 set (2 plates) of 45lb – 1 set of 35lb – 1 set of 25lb – 2 sets of 10lbs for those in between weights – 1 set of 5lb and 1 set of 2.5lb bumper plates. That’s 265lbs of total weight – and if you’re intermediate just add another set of 45lb bumpers in there. If you’re advanced, then why are you reading this you already know what to do!! :P Make sure that they are of the bumper variety, so you can clang and bang them around without shaking the entire neighborhood! This is probably what is going to cost you the most, so you might want to save up some pennies. Once again I would advise checking out some used equipment at your local sporting goods store.
  1. Squat Rack – Rawrrrr hear me squat! When you’re ready to start moving the heavyweight vertically up and down you’re going to need a solid squat rack. Once again there are several to choose from, but I like to keep it simple and lightweight something you can move around the garage without cluttering up too much space. If you have the room a nice option is always to get the squat rack with the pull up bar attached. But tall people beware sometimes the pull-up bar is usually too low on a squat rack to do any gymnastics types movements on it so make sure you calculate your measurements properly. The main point here is to have one in your garage gym. It is another necessity!
  1. Pull Up Bar – You can either install one yourself or like mentioned above buy a squat rack with a pull up bar attached. Personally I like the old manual installation myself but if you have a nice mounted squat rack with a pull up bar then lucky you! Pull ups are a skill everyone should have in their repertoire and if you have this in your garage you’ve made it in the garage gym world!
  1. Programming – My garage gym is a mecca for training now what?? As one of the largest CrossFit style programming outlets we have thousands of workouts in our library for any level that will challenge you to your core! Spend less time thinking about the workout and spend more time doing! From specialized programs to our 100+ template trainings you will never run out of programming ideas again. SEE OUR LIBRARY HERE.

I didn’t list any cardio equipment here because there are a few depending on your preference you could add to your garage. Running is always an easy option if you are on a budget but if you have some money to burn I would highly recommend a rower first; air assault bike next and ski erg last.

Did we miss anything? Comment your thoughts on our post. Your feedback is our oxygen as we try to deliver the best product possible. Garage warriors are a huge part of our community and would love for you to join us!  

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